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How To Send Your Music


It's easy to submit music to us for radio, mixtape & playlist placement! Just make sure you send ALL of the things required to submit it. 


***PLEASE NOTE*** If you submit music and are missing any one of these things the submission WILL NOT be reviewed


  1. Properly labeled mp3’s

  • Send NO MORE than 1 song in mp3 format ONLY

  • Your mp3 should be labeled: Artist Name - Song Name.mp3

  • Your Music Submission DOES NOT automatically guarantee a placement on Live On-Air Radio as there is a review process. However, it DOES guarantee a spot on an Exclusive Mixtape / Playlist sponsored by the *1000Network, Phenom Radio, Nerve Dj’s & More (reaching over 15,000 organic members)


  1. Send us your Twitter & Instagram tags

  • If you do not have an Instagram or Twitter account, make sure you do before submitting your music

  • ***If you get Air Play, we send notifications via twitter when your song is being aired so you can share with your fanbase***


  1. Time is Money - $20 is required to complete your music submission.



     To do this, upload your file here --->>>

     Then make your payment here --->>>

© 2014 by Mastered Minds Music  

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