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Ron Ron

     Enthralled by the Hip Hop culture since before pre-adolescence, Ron Ron, born Jaron T. Hill of Wichita KS, began conveying his love for music. Influenced by artist(s) like D-Nice, Tone Loc, Jay-Z, Biggie and Wichita native Dubb Diesel, Ron began expressing himself lyrically with continued progression. Through his experience with freestyling and writing, he has developed into a harmonious artist. Known for his “tell it like it is” outlook, Ron Ron’s ingenious wordplay, concepts and awareness of current events makes him proficient in the realm of Hip Hop. His unbiased view(s) and dedication to the movement of music is his most noted strength. 


     Raised on the Northside of Wichita, Ron Ron is an anticipated artist to emerge from the city. His abilities are recognized through his concentration, application and lyrical brilliance. “I just want to display a more conscious, soulful sound to be heard from the dubb other than twerk and trap music. We have a melting pot of talent but, we tend to lean to what’s more popular musically. Although I may not subscribe to everything, I respect whatever an artist decides to release. At least they had the nerve to do it. I just want to bring another side of creativity and music; the laid back feel good kind.”   


     Between attending college, coaching basketball, cutting hair, and working a full time job, Ron Ron still manages to squeak in time to record. "I rap all the time to myself so it takes no time to lay it down and my engineer knows how to finish everything off." 


     Ron Ron has performed in Wichita at Roccos as well as McPherson Kansas. "Those shows were hype! I performed along side of my bro Judge Dread...the crowd was electric in McPherson and we could tell we made an impact at Roccos too." Ron Ron has since dedicated his time to juggling his huge yet manageable schedule as well as gearing up for his LP release, "Ron Ron The LP". It's Mastered Minds Music for me over here cause they have something and they don't brag about it. The *1000 Network is where it's at for me."


Freshman Release 

    Ron Ron the LP 

      Coming Soon

            Ron Ron is registered with ASCAP


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                  Twitter: @UncleRonRon1982

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